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In-House Lab

In-House Lab

All Dentistry is NOT the Same!

What makes us different?

Our office houses a completely functional dental laboratory which allows quality control standards to be upheld. Our laboratory staff includes a certified lab technician and two assistant lab technicians.

We are now offering all-ceramic restorations, a feat made possible by the purchase of state of the art CAD/CAM imaging technology from CEREC. CEREC inLab gives us the ability to produce the most comprehensive range of restorative applications, including fully-contoured crowns, multiple-unit bridges, inlays, and onlays. They are as strong as our metal-ceramic crowns, and because they are all-ceramic, we are able to customize them to whatever shade suits you, our patient, best. By simply glancing at these patient photos, you will clearly see the aesthetic advantage of all-ceramic restorations.

Some crowns are made of non-precious metal which contains nickel. In the U.S., 3% of women and 1.5% of men are allergic to nickel. If you choose to go with our metal-ceramic or metallic crowns, we will use high noble metal consisting of 86% gold, which makes it the least allergenic metal available for crown and bridge construction.

All of our crown and bridge cases are mounted with a facebow on a semi-adjustable articulator. In this way, we can achieve a most accurate representation of the patient's bite and function. This allows us to fabricate crowns and bridges which are adjusted properly to fit with the patient's existing dentition. In turn, the chance of developing headaches or muscle pain secondary to disrupting the balance between the joints, muscles, and teeth is eliminated.

Our office recognizes the importance of neuromuscular balance in preventing tension headaches, neck pain, sensitive teeth, occlusal wear of the teeth, and degenerative diseases of the temporomandibular joint. We understand the relationship between chronic pain and poorly fitting teeth and examine each patient's existing occlusion (bite) prior to treatment.

We use Cerec InLab products.